Why choose the LFV?

A high quality school education
in an international environment

The Lycée Français de Varsovie (LFV) is the only school in Poland accredited
by the French State. The LFV is a member of the worldwide educational network managed by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), which guarantees the high value of the curriculum and its compliance with the requirements of the French Ministry
of Education.

Founded in 1919, the Lycée Français de Varsovie is the foreign school with the longest teaching tradition in Poland. This international French educational institution currently welcomes over 770 students of 45 nationalities.

The LFV offers school education from preschool to high school for children from
2 to 18 years old, regardless of their nationality and proficiency level in French. The school offers a special enrollment program for students with little or no French-speaking skills.
At the end of their school education, our High School graduates join the best universities in France, Poland, but also in the United States, in England, Belgium, Switzerland, or Canada.  

Teaching is provided by a team of 110 certified professionals, the majority of whom are native speakers.

The LFV is run by a Parents’ Association, a non-commercial organization, which ensures that the school’s teaching mission is in the interest
of the students and their families.

Key figures for 2020/2021

740 students

45 nationalities represented among students

100% success rate for the exams of Brevet and Baccalauréat

100% success rate for the exam of DELF
(Diploma in French Language Studies)

5 languages taught in the curriculum
(French, Polish, English, Spanish, German)

Our values

A civic school education open to the world

Cultural and linguistic diversity as core values learnt from an early age

Multidisciplinary learning with an outlook
on today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges

Individual support for students and constant dialogue with families

Promotion of sports, arts, and charity actions
at all ages

Academic excellence to the benefit
of the student’s study and professional project

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