Second-hand Toys Sale “Varsauvons les Jouets” (2nd Edition)

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Od: 10 am do: 16 pm

Location: Lycée français de Varsovie (Sadyba)

ul. Konstancińska 13 02-942 Warszawa


Give a second life to your used toys and actively participate in the circular economy!

On November 26th, the French School in Warsaw and the association Varsovie Accueil - Varsauvons la Planète, are organizing a large eco-friendly second-hand toys sale in the High School's gymnasium in Sadyba. The sale will take place between 10am and 4pm. 
Program of the event :
- sale of second-hand games and toys by the LFV students
- sale of second-hand french books at the secondhand bookshop 
- coffee meetup for the student's parents
The goal of this event is to promote circular economy and second-hand Christmas gifts. It's also a great occasion for friendly talks and meeting new people. The event is free and open to everyone. 
Deadline to register to sell your toys and books: Wednesday, November 22nd, by clicking here
The sale will be carried out by the organizing team (LFV students and members of Varsovie Accueil) and those who wish to get involved.