ADN-AEFE school exchange program

The ADN-AEFE school exchange program enables students in the second year of high school to carry out an exchange during the school year in another school participating in the ADN-AEFE program. By immersing themselves for several weeks in a new family, school, cultural and linguistic environment, students benefit from a richer educational experience and continuity of learning.

What does it consist of?

This is a school-based program in which students are given the opportunity to spend a few weeks at another school in a different country. Students work in pairs and are hosted by their families.

Two options are available:

  • As part of the “solo” option, the students of the pair only cross paths.
  • As part of the “duo” option, they are together in each other’s families and high schools.

What is the ADN-AEFE support platform?

Already dedicated to student exchanges, AGORA MONDE, which is available throughout the global school network, is also the support platform for the ADN-AEFE school exchange program.

This is where applications are entered, pairings proposed, model documents (agreements between two establishments…) made available and testimonials published… See you soon on AGORA!

More information on the AEFE website