Choose the French School in Warsaw

The Lycée français de Varsovie (French School in Warsaw) is an international school that has been educating young thoughtful citizens since 1919. Our community represents over 45 different nationalities, offering a truly multicultural and multilingual learning environment. 

We offer a high-quality school education open to Europe and the world, with a focus on language learning from an early age (preschool), so our students can later pursue their academic education anywhere around the world.

Academic excellence from preschool to high school

The Lycée Français de Varsovie (LFV) is the only school in Poland accredited by the French State. The LFV is a member of the worldwide educational network managed by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), which guarantees the high value of the curriculum and its compliance with the requirements of the French Ministry of Education.

The LFV offers school education from preschool to high school for children from 2 to 18 years old, regardless of their nationality.

Academic excellence is a goal that we carry out with kindness for each of our students, so they can become the actors of tomorrow in a changing world.






Education levels


Qualified teachers

Each year, we have a 100% success rate for the exams of Brevet, Baccalauréat and DELF (Diploma in French Language Studies).

At the end of their school education, our graduates join the best universities and academic institutions in France, Poland, but also in the United States, England, Belgium, Switzerland, or Canada.

Language learning at the heart of the curriculum

The French national curriculum mainly focuses on in-depth language learning. Trilingualism (French, English and Polish) is an integral part of the life at our school.

Several language programs are offered at the LFV in order to meet everyone’s needs: an International Polish program from the first grade of primary school, a European section in English from the second grade of high school, as well as extracurricular activities provided in English, German, Spanish and Polish.

The Lycée français de Varsovie has also implemented a special enrollment program for non-French speakers.

Promoting active citizenship and young talents

The LFV provides its students with more than 40 sports, artistic and cultural activities from preschool to high school, as part of its offer of extracurricular activities (AES) or the operation of clubs and associations within the school.

Many activities are offered in a language other than French, in order to allow everyone to explore their passions while practicing another foreign language.

Also, many educational projects and citizen actions are organized throughout the year on the topic of sustainable development, the importance of remembrance, as well as tolerance and respect for other cultures, in order to allow our students to become the actors in a constantly changing world.


Special enrollment program for non-French speakers

International Polish program

Offer of extracurricular activities


A civic and secular school education
open to the world

Cultural and linguistic diversity as core values learnt from an early age

Multidisciplinary learning with an outlook
on today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges

Individual support for students and constant dialogue with families

Promotion of sports, arts, and charity actions
at all ages

Academic excellence to the benefit
of the student’s study and professional project