Primary school


The French primary school provides children with the essential elements and tools of knowledge. Our learning program helps them develop their intelligence, sensitivity, as well as manual, physical and artistic skills.

The curriculum is aimed to foster children’s overall development and autonomy, as well as to prepare them for further study in middle school.

Learning French is a major component of the school’s program. Teaching is conducted in French and classes are taught by teachers certified by the Ministry of Education.

Your child will also benefit from the school’s multicultural and multilingual environment, where tolerance and “living well together” rules predominate.


  • using languages to think and communicate
  • methods and tools to learn effectively
  • becoming a committed citizen
  • natural systems and the technical world
  • representations of the world and human activity

The main goal of the curriculum in French primary school is to provide pupils with the basic elements and tools to learn effectively. The learning process is organized in two cycles :

  • the cycle of essential knowledge for grades CP, CE1, and CE2
  • the cycle for deepening knowledge and skills in grades CM1 and CM2.


We believe that learning languages is essential, both for the academic success and the personal development of the child. Trilingualism (French, English, and Polish) is an integral part of the daily life at the French primary school in Warsaw.

The school offers many language courses and programs for all children’s needs: Polish as a native or foreign language, French as a foreign language for non-French-speaking children, special activities in class and extracurricular activities in English.

Activités extrascolaires

The French primary school of the Lycée français de Varsovie offers a wide range of extracurricular activities in the field of creative arts, sports, foreign languages, music and informatics.

Activities are organized on three time slots from 2.45 PM to 6.00 PM.


The teaching staff of the French primary school in Warsaw organizes many school trips and various educational projects in order to help children maintain contact with the Polish language and culture, but also discover French traditions, and make them more aware of the need to protect the environment and respect people from other cultures.

French school education is secular. No religious class is offered at the school and the curriculum focuses on transmitting civic and moral values, while respecting the diversity of religious beliefs.


At the Primary school of the LFV, children start their day at 8.30 AM (or between 7.30 and 8.30 AM if they are attending nursery). Twice a day, they enjoy a recreation time which lasts 15 minutes, so they can play and relax. In the middle of the day, they have a one-hour break to eat, rest, and be at the playground.

Classes end at 2.45 PM. After this time, children can take part in extracurricular activities until 6.00 PM.

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