International Polish program


From the beginning of the 2020 school year, students with a good level of Polish will be able to:

  • Benefit from a 2-hour course of Polish as a mother tongue;
  • To enrol, with no additional cost, in a program approved by the French Ministry of Education: the International program.

The International program curriculum, set by the French Ministry of Education, relies on a thorough practice of the language based primarily
on Poland’s cultural heritage. This program allows students to obtain the French Baccalauréat with the International option.

  • Classes of Polish as a mother tongue are replaced by the same number of hours (4 hours) of Polish language and literature;
  • History and geography classes in the International Program are the same as in the regular curriculum (3 hours) but with an extra hour. Half of the classes are taught in Polish. There are no more Polish history courses.

In total, students of the International Program have 5 more hours of learning than those following the regular curriculum.