High school


The French lycée covers the last three years of secondary education
and leads to the Baccalauréat exam (BAC). Recognized all around
the world, the Baccalauréat opens the gates to the top Polish, French, European, and Anglo-Saxon universities and private schools.

In addition to courses that are common to all, students can choose specialized subjects to deepen the study of 3 disciplines. Our students benefit from individual support to help them choose the university program they wish to pursue. Every effort is made to encourage students
to achieve their personal development goals, in addition to their academic success, which is essential to continue studies in higher education.

Your child will benefit from the school’s multicultural and multilingual environment with over 40 nationalities represented among students.

In addition to the French language being the core subject of learning, learning foreign languages is at the heart of the curriculum, with a special enrollment program to welcome students who are not proficient in French, and an International Polish program.

During their school years, students will have the opportunity to take part in cultural, linguistic, or sports school trips abroad.