High school


The French HIgh school covers the last three years of secondary education and leads to the Baccalauréat exam (BAC). Recognized all around the world, the Baccalauréat opens the gates to the top Polish, French, European, and Anglo-Saxon universities and private schools.

In addition to courses that are common to all, students can choose specialized subjects to deepen the study of 3 disciplines. Our students benefit from individual support to help them choose the university program they wish to pursue.

Every effort is made to help students achieve their goals not only at school but also outside of it, as personal development being essential for further studies at university.

The curriculum focuses on sciences, foreign languages, as well as societal, economic and environmental issues of the contemporary world in order to contribute to the intellectual and civic education of the student.

Main areas of learning in High school

  • common literary, historical, humanist and scientific culture
  • scientific reasoning
  • deepening linguistic and communication skills
  • fundamental mechanisms in economics and social sciences
  • concepts and methods on which computer science is based, in its scientific and technical dimensions

The main objective of the curriculum at the French high school is to consolidate the knowledge acquired in middle school, and to acquire solid skills and competences for pursuing education at university or in a preparatory class.

The program is balanced between different learning times: time for research, group activity, handling; time for dialogue and exchange, debriefing, reasoning; experimental practice and modeling activity, so students gain autonomy and can develop their critical thinking and reasoning skills.


We believe that learning languages is essential, both for the academic success and the personal development of the child. Trilingualism (French, English, and Polish) is an integral part of the daily life at the French primary school in Warsaw. Three foreign languages are offered in the curriculum (English, Polish, Spanish or German) and students can also take Latin classes.

The school offers many language courses and programs for all children’s needs: Polish as a native or foreign language, French as a foreign language for non-French children, an International Polish program, as well as a European program and optional activities in English.


Students in high school can choose from 5 optional courses in order to broaden and deepen their knowledge in languages, human sciences, or sciences. Choosing those options help students build a stronger profile when they apply to private colleges and universities for higher education.

For keeping contact with the local community, the school organizes various educational projects such as school trips, cultural outings, sports competitions, etc. In addition, we propose many activities and clubs in high school, so students can develop their talents and discover new passions (school choir, sports association, etc.)


French school education is secular. No religious class is offered at the school and the curriculum focuses on transmitting civic and moral values, while respecting the diversity of religious beliefs.

Throughout the year, our students have the opportunity to take part in cultural, artistic and sports projects organized in partnership with local Polish organizations or other French schools belonging to the AEFE network: Talents Day, Music Day, “Żonkile” (daffodils) project of the POLIN Museum, CONVOI 77 project, School Football World Cup, Olympic and Paralympic Week, Orchestra of French High schools around the world, etc.

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