Learning program at the High school


The French High school in Warsaw (LFV) welcomes students ages 15 to 18. High school includes 3 grades: 

2nde : 15-year-olds

1ère : 16-year-olds

Terminale : 17-year-olds

At the French High school in Warsaw, classes gather around 25 students, so the teacher can ensure regular and individualized monitoring of each child.


The learning program in high school is organized in 3 types of courses:

> Common subjects, which help students acquire a solid base of common humanistic and scientific cultures and knowledge, with an outlook on our society’s future challenges.

> Specialized disciplines, chosen by students. Their number will increase between the grade 1ère and Terminale (three disciplines in 1ère, and two out of three learned in 1ère during Terminale). These disciplines are taught with a significant number of hours, which allows teachers to provide ambitious programs and give students enough time to learn.

> Optional courses, will also allow students to complete their education according to their professional project and choice of higher education.

Common subjects

  • Civic and moral education
  • Sports
  • French language (in 2nde and 1ère)
  • History and Geography
  • Foreign languages
  • Mathematics (in 2nde)
  • Physics and Chemistry (in 2nde)
  • Earth and life sciences (in 2nde)
  • Economics and social sciences (in 2nde)
  • Digital sciences and technology (in 2nde)
  • Sciences

Specialized disciplines (for students in grades 1ère-Terminale)

  • History and Geography, geopolitics and political sciences
  • Humanities, literature,and philosophy
  • Languages, literature, foreign and regional cultures
  • Mathematics
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Earth and life sciences (SVT)
  • Economics and social sciences

Optional courses

  • Film and audiovisual techniques
  • DGEMC (law and major challenges of the contemporary world)
  • Latin
  • Expert or complementary maths
  • Earth and life sciences in English


Learning languages is considered a priority at our school. Language classes do not only focus on teaching linguistic skills, but also on exploring the cultural, historical and literary aspects of the language. An important place is given to literary works, history-geography, and the arts.

LV1 English

English is taught at all levels.

Students can join a European program if they have a good level of proficiency.

LV2 German or Spanish

Students can pursue German or Spanish courses they started in middle school. Hourly volume: between 2 and 3 hours per week.

LV3 Polish

Polish is taught at all levels. There are three teaching profiles:

  • Polish as a native language: 2h per week
  • Polish as a foreign language2h per week
  • as part of the International Polish program: 4h per week for language courses + 2h per week for perfecting proficiency +2h for exploring topics of the contemporary world + 2h per week of history-geography (great emphasis is placed on the particularities of the History of Poland and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, while following the requirements of the French program).


Students can take Latin courses they started in middle school. Hourly volume: between 2 and 3 hours per week.


In order to facilitate the integration of non-French-speaking students into the French school curriculum, a special enrollment program is set into place as soon as they arrive in the school. Students of all levels who have difficulty expressing themselves in French can also request support.

The International French Baccalaureate (IFB)

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3 programs to choose from for high schoolers:

General programInternational Polish program (SI)European program (SE) 
Common subjectsCommon subjectsCommon subjects
Audiovisual ArtsPolish language and cultureEarth and life sciences in English 
LatinStudy of the contemporary world in PolishLatin
  History-Geography in Polish  

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