Learning program at the High school

Classes are taught in French by certified teachers
from the French Ministry of Education. Learning languages
is at the heart of the school’s curriculum.

Students have the choice of studying 5 languages
in addition to French: English, Spanish, Polish, German
and Latin.

The teaching of social sciences and scientific disciplines focuses on the future challenges and issues of our societies, placing the student at the heart of the curriculum.

Through various experiments, practical and group activities, high school students learn work methodology
and develop cognitive skills such as curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking, which are essential tools for their future professional and academic careers.


The organization of the French General and Technical secondary school, just like the curriculum, will be adjusted to the new requirements of the 2021 baccalauréat. There will no longer be general paths, but instead courses chosen by each student according to their preferences and ambitions.

The high school will offer three types of teaching:

  • A solid base of common humanistic and scientific cultures and knowledge, with an outlook on our society’s future challenges
  • Specialized disciplines chosen by the student. Their number will increase between the first and last class (three disciplines in the first grade, and two out of three learned in the first grade during the last class). These disciplines are taught with a significant number of hours, which allows teachers to provide ambitious programs and give students enough time to learn.
  • Optional classes will also allow students to complete their education.

New classes will allow students to share a scientific culture, learn to program and understand the great challenges of the modern world.

Course guidance is provided throughout the duration of high school to prepare students for their career choices and, ultimately, enrollment in higher education. Students will attend specialized courses in various formats (group work, diversified pedagogy, online classes, etc.).


Modern language 1: ENGLISH

English is taught at all levels.

Modern language 2: GERMAN AND SPANISH

German and Spanish are taught at all levels.

Modern language 3: POLISH

Polish is taught at all levels, there are two teaching profiles:

  • Polonais as a native language: 4h + 1h of History-Geography in Polish per week
  • Polonais as a foreign language: 2h per week

French as a foreign language (FLS)

In order to facilitate the integration of non-French-speaking students into the French school curriculum, a special enrollment program is set into place as soon as they arrive in the school. Students of all levels who have difficulty expressing themselves in French can also request support.


From the 5ème class, students may also learn Latin.