Optional courses and activities

In addition to compulsory classes, students can expand their knowledge and skills by taking part in optional classes
and activities organized in small groups:

  • Film and audiovisual techniques: the student develops skills in cinema and audiovisual analysis and production, and discovers
    the cinema culture
  • Life and Earth sciences in English: the student develops his or her knowledge in Life and Earth sciences outside the common school curriculum, by participating in many activities organized in English: presentations of scientific articles, science cafés and lectures, conferences, debates, etc.
  • Humanities: the “humanities” excellence workshop is aimed at preparing students for academic studies focused on social sciences
    at France’s top universities and most renowned higher institutions.
  • Sports activities: practice of basketball, volleyball, football, gymnastics, and participation in sports events with other schools.
  • Latin : thanks to the study of Latin, students discover ancient mythology, history, literature, arts, and also develop a better knowledge
    of the French language.