Learning program at the Primary school


The French Primary school of the Lycée français de Varsovie welcomes children ages 6 to 11. Primary school includes 5 grades : 

  • CP : 6-year-olds
  • CE1 : 7-year-olds
  • CE2 : 8-year-olds
  • CM1 : 9-year-olds
  • CM2 : 10-year-olds

At the French School of the Lycée français de Varsovie, classes gather between 18 and 22 pupils, so the teacher can ensure regular and individualized monitoring of each child.

A gradual acquisition of knowledge and skills

The curriculum in primary school is organized in 2 cycles:

  • Cycle 2 of essential knowledge, during which children develop their skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.
  • Cycle 3 for deepening knowledge and skills, during which children strengthen and consolidate the achievements of the previous cycle, expand concepts and learn to work with methods leading to the acquisition of new knowledge and diverse skills. At this point, we encourage pupils to explore and question the world by themselves.

Areas of learning for cycle 2 (CP, CE1, CE2) :

  • French language
  • Foreign languages
  • Plastic arts
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Civic and moral education
  • Mathematics
  • Explore the world (introduction to sciences and technologies) 

Areas of learning for cycle 3 (CM1, CM2) :

  • French language
  • Foreign languages
  • Plastic arts
  • Music
  • History of arts
  • Sports
  • Civic and moral education
  • History and geography
  • Sciences and technology
  • Mathematics


Learning languages is considered a priority at our school. Language classes do not only focus on teaching linguistic skills, but also on exploring the cultural, historical and literary aspects of the language. The book is our favorite educational tool because it allows children to develop their cognitive and creative processes in the language they study.

Many extracurricular activities are proposed in French, Polish, and English.


From the third grade of preschool (GS), children can have the support of a specialized teacher for leaning French (help during class, special courses, etc.). The hourly volume can be more or less important according to the needs of the child (up to 4 hours per week).

At the end of CM2 class, all pupils who are not French citizens can take the DELF PRIM exam (Diploma in French for children at A2 level). The pass rate for this exam has been 100% for years.


Every pupil, from the first grade of preschool (PS) to the last grade of primary school (CM2), has 2 hours of Polish classes per week, taught by specialized teachers. Two profiles:

  • Polish as a native language
  • Polish as a foreign language


  • 1h30 per week of language courses in English
  • 1h30 per week  of a non-language subject class in English (art in English and sports in English)

So, in total: 3 hours of classes in English per week.

Children can also take part in extracurricular activities provided in English between 2.45 and 6 PM.

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