Time schedule in Middle school

Example of time schedule for students in middle school.

This schedule is given as an indication and may vary depending on the child’s class, extracurricular activities, and participation in educational projects.

Hourly volume per week for each area of learning:

Grade 6eGrade 5eGrade 4eGrade 3e
French language4,5 h4,5 h4,5 h4h
Mathematics4,5 h3,5 h3,5 h3,5 h
Civic education
3h3h3h3,5 h
Foreign language 14h 3h 3h 3h
Foreign language 2_2,5 h2,5 h2,5 h
Earth and life sciences4 h
(all science classes)
1,5 h1,5 h1,5 h
Physics_1,5 h1,5 h1,5 h
Technology_1,5 h1,5 h1,5 h
Plastic arts1h1h1h1h