Results for the 2024 Baccalauréat exam

We are extremely proud to announce the exceptional results of the Baccalauréat 2024 at the Lycée Français de Varsovie. On June 27, the French Ambassador to Poland, Mr Étienne de Poncins, welcomed the Lycée Français de Varsovie Baccalauréat holders to the Residence of France to congratulate them on their excellent results.

All our students obtained their diploma, 93% of them with honors, a remarkable figure which testifies to the excellence of the education provided by our school:

100% of students obtained their diploma, making this year’s graduating class a complete success.

93% of students obtained a distinction, including :
37.5% with highest honors, including 2 with congratulations from the jury.
32.5% with high honors.
25% with honors.

This year, we were also lucky enough to see the first batch of students in the bilingual French/Polish International Baccalaureate graduate with 100% honors, including 5 with the highest honors (Très Bien) and 1 with congratulations from the jury, 6 with honors (Bien), and 1 with honors (Assez Bien). A real success for this new program, which confirms the quality of our educational offer.

All the students who followed the European Earth Sciences curriculum (cursus Européen Sciences et Vie de la Terre) also obtained their baccalaureate, including one with congratulations from the jury.