The future with neural implants: a podcast recorded by our students in the DNL-English discipline

Students attending the DNL-English option (non-linguistic discipline) worked on a topic related to the use and development of brain implants. The specificity of this discipline is that the only language of communication is English.

After discovering the different technologies already developed and exploring those that will be implemented in the future, our students were able to discuss and debate the possible consequences of the generalization of this type of tool.

They came up with a dystopia that they recorded: “THE FUTURE WITH NEURAL IMPLANTS”.

In this story, they set the framework of a world in which neural implants are a source of profit, conflict, and discrimination. We let you imagine how this story ends…

Narrator 1: Aleksandra Kruczkowska

Narrator 2: Margot Hubert

Narrator 3:  Anne-Charlotte Bonnois

Narrator 4: Lena Gorce

Narrator 5: Milosz Cousens

Narrator 6: Oscar Bonnois

Narrator 7: Keira Kabongo-Barazzoli

Narrators 8: Amélie Duretz as William/Tristan and Margot as Molly