Road safety awareness day

On Tuesday, June 22nd, the students from CE1 to CM2 of the Sadyba Primary School participated in an awareness day on road dangers, organized in partnership with the Michelin company. This action, which is part of the road safety education program, allowed to confront the pupils with the notions of risk, prevention, and life in society in various roles: pedestrian, passenger, and driver…

6 activities were proposed to the pupils on an interactive and playful course animated by professionals:

  1. Memory of road signs
  2. Mini road course by bike and scooter
  3. Difference game: identifying the behaviors that comply with road safety rules
  4. First aid training
  5. Photo session with the Michelin Man
  6. Drawing workshop on the topic of road safety

At the end of the course, all students received an information booklet and a mini passport confirming their participation in the various workshops.

In addition to a theoretical approach carried out in class, the participation of children in practical workshops allowed them to test their knowledge in concrete situations and to deepen the rules of safe driving in a playful way.