Sadyba’s Garden opens up to the corporate world for joint CSR activities

On Thursday, September 30th, nearly forty employees and managers of the French company Klépierre took part in practical workshops related to the permaculture garden of the French school in Sadyba. In addition, Clémentine Pacitti, Klépierre‘s CSR Manager, spoke to CM2 pupils about the environmental impact of shopping center operations. This action was part of an international seminar organized in Warsaw by Klépierre company on the topic of sustainable development and social engineering…

In cooperation with the group “Varsauvons la Planète” of the association Varsovie Accueil, the French School in Warsaw proposed to nearly forty employees of Klépierre (a French company which manages the Sadyba Mall) to discover the secrets of permaculture through 3 practical workshops around the vegetable garden of the French elementary school in Sadyba.

This action was part of the company’s CSR strategy which includes environmental protection, local and social responsability, and the promotion of citizen action. For the Lycée Français de Varsovie, the challenge was twofold: on one hand, the idea was to meet the logistical and technical needs of the vegetable garden, and on the other hand, the aim was also to develop closer ties with French companies in Poland through joint educational activities.

The workshops took place on Thursday, September 30 in the elementary school of the French School in Warsaw, during an international seminar “Engineering & Sustainability” organized by Klépierre company.

Under the supervision of volunteers from “Varsauvons la Planète” and Łukasz Nowacki, a permaculture expert from the “Transformacja” Foundation, employees and managers of Klépierre were able to carry out 3 major actions:

  1. The construction of a new 3-cell compost bin
  2. The maintenance and preparation of the permaculture garden for the fall season
  3. The repair of a mini greenhouse for the growth of seedlings

In addition, the CM2 pupils from the French School in Warsaw also had the opportunity to discuss with Clémentine Pacitti, Klépierre‘s CSR Manager, about the environmental impact of operating and managing shopping centers. They also discovered the actions that the group undertakes worldwide in order to reduce the carbon impact of its buildings and support local initiatives.

The Lycée français de Varsovie warmly thanks the FM logistic company for the donation of the wooden pallets, as well as Łukasz Nowacki for his valuable advice on permaculture, which was very much appreciated by all participants.

A big thank you to Klépierre for their trust and for funding the equipment needed to organize the workshops around the vegetable garden.

Finally, we would like to thank the group “Varsauvons la Planète”, which is our strategic partner on this project, for its investment in the preparation and animation of the workshops.



This citizen group was born in September 2019 within the association “Warsaw Accueil” under the impetus of Marie and Stephanie, two French women living in Warsaw. Their goal: to federate members of Warsaw Accueil around the ecological transition and possible daily actions in favor of the environment. In fine, our goal is to participate directly or indirectly in the reduction of greenhouse gases.

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