Learning program and activities


The French Middle school of the Lycée français de Varsovie welcomes students ages 11 to 15. Middle school includes 4 grades: 

  • 6ème : 11-year-olds
  • 5ème : 12-year-olds
  • 4ème : 13-year-olds
  • 3ème : 14-year-olds

In middle school, classes gather between 18 and 25 students, so the teacher can ensure regular and individualized monitoring of each child.

Acquiring fundamental knowledge and skills

The learning process in middle school is organized in two cycles :

>The end of the cycle 3 for deepening knowledge and skills (which started in primary school and ends after grade 6ème) during which the student strengthens and deepens knowledge from the previous cycle, while broadening basic notions and learning how to build his own methods for earning new skills and knowledge.

> The cycle 4 for broadening knowledge which allows students to build independent thinking and develop critical thinking and judgment skills that are necessary in high school.


Learning languages is considered a priority at our school. Language classes do not only focus on teaching linguistic skills, but also on exploring the cultural, historical and literary aspects of the language. An important place is given to literary works, history-geography, and the arts.

LV1 English

English is taught at all levels: 4h per week in 6ème grade, 3h from the grade 5ème.

LV2 German or Spanish

Students can choose between German and Spanish which are taught from the 5ème class (second grade of middle school) with 2.5 hours of language courses per week

LV3 Polish

Polish is taught at all levels. There are two teaching profiles:

  • Polish as a native language: 4h + 1h of History-Geography in Polish per week
  • Polish as a foreign language2h per week

Students with a very good level in Polish can join the International Polish program: 4 hours of Polish courses (language and literature) and 2 hours of History in Polish per week (great emphasis is placed on the particularities of the History of Poland and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, while following the requirements of the French program).


From the 5ème grade, students may also learn Latin.


In order to facilitate the integration of non-French-speaking students into the French school curriculum, a special enrollment program is set into place as soon as they arrive in the school. Students of all levels who have difficulty expressing themselves in French can also request support.

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