Learning program and activities

Middle school marks the beginning of secondary school.
It is organized in four levels: from the sixth to the third grade,
and structured in pedagogical cycles.

All middle school students have 26 hours of obligatory classes per week, to which they may add optional courses and activities.


Learning languages is at the heart of the school’s curriculum.

Modern language 1 : ENGLISH

English is taught at all levels: 4h per week in 6ème class, 3h from the 5ème class.

Modern language 2 : GERMAN OR SPANISH

German and Spanish are taught from the 5ème class (second grade of middle school) with 2.5 hours of class per week

Modern language 3 : POLISH

Polish is taught at all levels, there are two teaching profiles:

  • Polish as a native language: 4h + 1h of History-Geography in Polish per week
  • Polish as a foreign language: 2h per week

French as a foreign language  (FLS)

In order to facilitate the integration of non-French-speaking students into the French school curriculum, a special enrollment program is set into place as soon as they arrive in the school. Students of all levels who have difficulty expressing themselves in French can also request support.


From the 5ème class, students may also learn Latin. A trip to Rome is organized every two years.


Many educational projects and school trips are organized in order for students to maintain contact with the local environment (museum, theatre, opera, cinema, sports events, etc.)

In addition, several activities are offered in middle school:

  • Choir
  • Sports association (basketball, volleyball, football, gymnastics, sports events with other schools)
  • Science club
  • Gardening club