The LFV won the School Trophy at the Charity Run in Wilanów

On Sunday, May 28th, the French School in Warsaw participated in the International Charity Run organized by the Rotary Club Warszawa Goethe in the Wilanów district. This event was organized to raise funds for youth rehabilitation and the fight against polio.

The International Charity Run, which was under the patronage of the French Embassy in Poland and numerous other institutions, attracted over 500 participants and an audience of more than 1,500 people. On that day, the LFV stood alongside several international schools of Warsaw, including the German school Willy-Brandt Schule, with whom they had already established close ties this year.

From 9 am to 6 pm, children aged 3 to 18 were invited to participate in various races according to their level, with the aim of raising money for two organizations: Spartanie Dzieciom, which works for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities, and EndPolioNow, a global initiative by Rotary International that fights for the eradication of polio.

During this event, the attending students and parents also had the opportunity to enjoy several concerts organized to motivate the runners and to participate in various sports workshops suitable for all ages.

To reward all the brave participants, different prizes were given to the winners of each category, including the prestigious trophy awarded to the winning school, which is contested again the following year.

Thanks to the significant determination and mobilization of our students and their parents, the LFV had the honor of winning the School Trophy! We are truly proud to have gathered so many people around such a worthy cause.

Thank you all for your participation!