60th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty: our high school students celebrate Franco-German friendship

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Élysée Treaty, which marked a key milestone in the construction of the Franco-German friendship, the French School in Warsaw (LFV) and the German School Willy-Brandt organized two days of exchange for 1ère students that study German as a Foreign Language. These meetings were an opportunity for our students to celebrate the bonds that unite our two countries in a friendly and warm atmosphere, while discovering the environment of each school.  

60 years ago, on January 22nd, 1963, the Franco-German Friendship Treaty, known as the Élysée Treaty, was signed. It was a key step in the construction of the deep friendship that unites our two countries today. On this occasion, several initiatives were carried out in January 2023 at the ministerial level and in French institutions abroad.

On the initiative of Mrs. Kemajou (French language teacher at the French School in Warsaw) and Mrs. Hilpert (teacher of French as a foreign language at the German School Willy-Brandt in Warsaw), our 1ère students studying German as a Foreign Language had the opportunity to introduce the LFV to their German classmates before being welcomed to the German school for a day.

On January 20th, ten students from the German School Willy-Brandt were invited by Mrs. Lesage, the school principal of the LFV, and Mr. Rüdiger Bott, the headmaster of the German School, to share a French breakfast, before participating in a guided tour of the school organized by their LFV classmates. The students from the German school also took part in a history and geography class dedicated to the French and German economic models, led by Mr. Graslin. All the students then shared another moment of conviviality around a buffet provided by the LFV.

On January 23rd, it was the turn of our students to discover the German School Willy-Brandt. They were also welcomed with a breakfast and had the opportunity to participate in classes with their German friends. Several cultural and linguistic workshops were also organized to enhance their knowledge of Germany.