Results for the 2023 Brevet exam

We are pleased to announce that our students obtained excellent results for the French middle school exam (Diplôme National du Brevet or DNB).

This year, all of our middle school students who took the brevet exam have been successful. Congratulations to all! 

  • Out of 54 candidates, 54 passed the exam successfully = 100% success rate.
  • All 54 of them passed with honors: 28 with highest honors (i.e. 51.85% of successful candidates), 17 with high honors (i.e. 31.48% of successful candidates) and 9 with honors (i.e. 16.66% of successful candidates). 

Congratulations to all our new graduates, as well as to the teaching staff for their commitment to the success of all students!

We also wish all our new graduates a wonderful summer break!