We build small greenhouses for the vegetable garden at Sadyba

On Saturday March 13th several volunteers gathered at Sadyba’s Primary School to build small greenhouses that will host the seedlings of our permaculture vegetable garden. The construction of the greenhouses marks the third stage of the “Permaculture” project of the French school in Warsaw, carried out in cooperation with the members of the group “Varsauvons la Planète” of the association Varsovie Accueil.

A dozen volunteers, teachers and parents of students, built the greenhouses that will allow the seedlings of our permaculture vegetable garden to grow, protected from the weather hazards. Made of wood and Plexiglas, the greenhouses were covered with a transparent film and will be filled later on with horse manure and soil. The horse manure, which generates heat for several weeks, will ensure the growth of the seedlings. 

The French school in Warsaw would like to thank Łukasz Nowacki, a permaculture expert, for his valuable advice, and the companies that helped finance the purchase of the equipment: BNP Paribas Bank Polska, Crédit Agricole, Carrefour and Bricoman.

A big thank you also to all the volunteers who gave their time for this project!